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2016 Independent Living Conference Workshops

Jennifer Stewart

Next Steps: Connecting to Supports and Services

by Jennifer Stewart, Federation for Children with Special Needs This workshop emphasizes how preparation during high school around a student's vision, the age of majority, and the chapter 688 process are essential steps in the transition planning process. Workshop participants will learn about resources in Massachusetts that connect individuals with disabilities to an adult life that includes: employment, transportation, housing, recreation and leisure. Stacy Hart

Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, Assistive Animals: Confused? You are not alone.

Stacy Hart New England ADA Center
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a person with a disability can be accompanied by a service animal, but what is a service animal? Can a monkey be a service animal? Isn't an emotional support animal the same as a service animal? There will be plenty of time for your service animal questions.
No document provided

A Successful Public/Private Transportation Solution; Shared Services and Vehicle Sharing; Establishing a Fixed Route Community Shuttle: The Acton Experience

Scott Zadakis and Doug Halley Scott Zadakis, CrossTown Connect and Doug Halley, Town of Acton Workshop will describe history of and best practices from CrossTown Connect, a public private partnership sharing transportation resources between the towns of Acton, Boxborough, Littleton, Maynard, and Westford. Special attention will be paid to the unique model of using a Transportation Management Association to address IL as well as to highlighting transferability of concepts and practices to other areas of the state. Will end with how we envision the future of CTC and take any questions. Questions welcome throughout presentation.

Everything you Want to Know About ADHD Coaching

Jenna Knight
Jenna Knight - ADHD CoachingIf you were an adult with ADHD wouldn’t it be great to find someone who can listen to you with genuine understanding? Someone who acknowledges the reality of your personal experiences? Someone who truly gets you? Look no further than an ADHD coach! But what is ADHD Coaching. During this workshop I will describe and discuss ADHD challenges and treatment, introduce you to the concept of ADHD coaching, and why is an ADHD coach helpful for adults with ADHD.

Housing for People with Disabilities

Maggie Dionne, MRC, and Courtenay Loiselle
Courtenay and Maggie The presentation will include an overview of affordable housing programs including state, federal and private housing providers. Resources that can be used in the housing search process as well as general requirements for verifications will be discussed. Reasonable accommodations and modifications will also be reviewed.    

SILC 101

Steven Higgins, Nancy Trzcinski
picture of Steve and Nancy This workshop will give an overview of roles and responsibilities of the Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC). The laws and regulations governing the SILC and the SILC’s role in the network of Independent Living Centers will be reviewed. This workshop is recommended for SILC members’, nominees as well as for individuals interested in the Statewide Independent Living Council.

Social Security Benefits for Young Adults and Work

Brian Forsythe, U MASS Medical School
picture of Brian Forsythe This presentation will discuss the two different types of benefits available to individuals with disabilities with a focus on young adults including health insurance options. We will also examine the impact of work on these benefits and introduce some of the work incentives that can assist individuals in their quest to join or rejoin the workforce.

ADA Transition Plan Update

John Lozada - Massachusetts Department of Transportation
picture of John on left with another presenter The MassDOT ADA Transition Plan Working Group has assessed nearly 26,000 curb ramps across the Commonwealth and we are now prioritizing the remediation of these ramps and taking other steps to make the Commonwealth’s Highway infrastructure more accessible to people with disabilities. The curb ramp prioritization effort has been piloted in MassDOT Highway District 3 (Central Massachusetts) and now forms the basis for broader prioritization of all MassDOT curb ramps across the Commonwealth, subject to public consideration and comment. MassDOT representatives will provide an overview of the efforts taken to date, which has implications for municipal ADA Transition Plan efforts, and will welcome comments from workshop participants as part of this discussion.

What Does CareerACCESS Mean to Youth in Transition

Mary Margaret Moore, Steven Higgins, June Sauvageau
picture of June, Mary Margaret and Steve We will share the history of CareerACCESS as well as the status of efforts nationally and in MA to shift the paradigm/rules of SSDI so that those living with disabilities transitioning to adulthood will not be penalized from accessing critical necessary services and supports if they want to work. Status of the Youth Peer Advocacy for CareerACCESS group with be shared and strategies for MA becoming one of a few states to obtain a planning grant will also be shared. Outreach to other staff at MA ILCs on this topic will occur to build support, to recruit more youth for this advocacy effort.

Mass Disability History Project

Paul Spooner, Charlie Carr
picture of Paul and Charlie This workshop will discuss the launching of a grassroots project to record the history of the disability movement and the Independent Living Movement in Massachusetts.   This project will focus on creating a video library of voices from the IL movement.   The facilitators will provide an overview of the project and participants will have an opportunity to provide input and suggestions. No document provided

Building a Sustainable PCA Workforce Together

Lisa Marschke, Lisa Sirois, Executive Director for the PCA Workforce Council
picture of Lisa and Lisa    This workshop will provide an overview of the 25-Hour PCA Recruitment and Retention Project. This program was designed to increase and maintain the number of PCA’s available in the commonwealth. The program is delivered at four community colleges throughout the state and covers PCA Fundamentals curriculum, CPR and First Aid certification and career readiness strategies. Collaboration from the PCA Workforce Council, 1199 SEIU, Home Care Training Benefit, UMMS BenePLAN, MA Rehabilitation Commission, Department of Transitional Assistance, Department of Mental Health, and several independent living centers have made a positive impact on the outcomes from this pilot. Come learn about this program and how, with the support of the local independent living centers, we are building the PCA Workforce across the state.

AT Loan Program/ Money Management

Leo Tonevski, Easter Seals
picture of Leo and co-presenter This workshop will provide information on the types of Assistive Technology that are available. It will include information the Assistive Technology Loan Program and Long Term Device Loan Program. Finally this workshop will provide an overview of Financial Literacy/Money Smart management. No document provided

Estate Planning for Individuals with Disabilities

Attorney James Miller picture of James Miller This workshop will focus on Estate Planning for individuals with disabilities and their families. Medicaid Planning, RLTs (Revocable Living Trusts), other pertinent legal documents related to Trust Planning and IRTs (Irrevocable Living Trusts) will be discussed. No document provided

Legal Rights to Vocational Rehab Service in MA and how Client Assistance Program Can Help

Naomi Goldberg, Adrienne Manson, James Aprea, Ted Mello picture of CAP Presenters CAP will provide an overview of the rights of applicants to and clients of vocational rehabilitation services in MA and explain how the Client Assistance Program can assist individuals when problems arise with these services. Presenters will explain the specific rights of applicants and clients to VR services, how the appeal process works, as well as relay various problem solving strategies including how to prepare for important meetings, how to make progress with a VR case that is stalled, and how to address a situation in which a client disagrees with their VR counselor. The workshop is for both IL consumers who are applicants or clients of VR and for ILC staff who have consumers who are having difficulty with VR services. There will be a question and answer period and supplementary written materials on VR rights will be provided.

The Independent Living Postsecondary Education Toolkit

Joanne Eno picture of Joanne Eno This presentation will address the role Independent Living Centers play in preparing consumers for postsecondary education. Attendees will be provided with an overview of various programs and services currently available to students with disabilities in light of the current legislation concerning transition. The legal differences between postsecondary education and high school will be discussed. Emphasis will be placed on the role that Independent Living Center staff can have in assisting students to understand their rights and responsibilities, selecting programs and ultimately transitioning from postsecondary education to the worlds of work and independent living upon graduation. Funding sources and the role of public vocational rehabilitation will also be addressed. No document provided

Building and Maintaining Community Partnerships through your Aging and Disability Resource Consortia

Marylouise Gamache, MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs , Carole Malone Assistant Secretary of the MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Ann Shor, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Rachel Weiner MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs
picture of all presenters The goal of this presentation will be to inform participants about the Massachusetts No Wrong Door (NWD) model, MassOptions and Aging and Disability Resource Consortia (ADRCs), a partnership between the Independent Living Center (ILC) network and the Aging Service Access Point/Area Agencies on Aging (ASAP/AAA) and other community –based agencies, providing streamlined access to long term services and supports (LTSS), for older adults, all persons with disabilities, family caregivers, veterans and LTSS providers. No document provided

Independent Living Advocacy for 2017

Various picture of Sadie, David and Paul This interactive session will outline potential advocacy issues for 2017. Issue areas and previous advocacy efforts will be discussed. Participants will have an opportunity to help determine the priorities for 2017. This session will serve as a first step in planning efforts that will shape the 2017 Education Day and requests for the 2018 Budget for the Commonwealth. No document provided

Whys and Hows of Producing Effective Documentation- Case Notes and Beyond

Cindy Wentz
picture of Cindy Why is documentation necessary anyway? Writing notes may not feel like the most significant part of your job, but they serve many important purposes. Learn how to write succinct and thorough notes. Learn what to include, how to document difficult behaviors and interactions and how to make your notes objective. Learn to use notes to consider next steps. Learn how telling the successes of IL through writing can enhance advocacy efforts as well.   This will be an interactive workshop where there are no wrong answers and even some fun.

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